Torresmo’s Corner

Hi! My name is Torresmo and my Hoomans adopted me in December 2017. I was three months old and now, I’m currently one year and ten months old!
This is my page! I’m going to tell you all about my day-to-day life and about my crazy Hoomans as well!
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Welcome to my lazy life!


Lately, my sister and I have been fighting a lot over who gets to sleep in MY bed at the headboard of my Hooman’s bed. So they bought a second bed, so each one of us gets our own bed to sleep in.
But yesterday night, she dared to sleep in MY bed, so we started fighting again, and my Mom got really mad at both of us. She doesn’t understand that that’s MY bed. The new kitten has to sleep in her bed, not in mine! I got mad and decided to sleep in a different room, without the air conditioner. My Mom woke up in the middle of the night and carried me to her bedroom, where there is an air conditioner. I tried to sleep there, but my little sister kept bouncing over me, biting my tail. My Mom got mad at her, and she finally decided to leave both of the beds for me and slept on my Dad’s stomach.


My sister and I have finally reached an agreement. 🙂


My Mom recorded a video to introduce my sister and I. She babbles a lot and she’s crazy. I’m so sorry about her.