Crazy Rich Asians

Hey, everyone!So, I watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians on Netflix ( a few days ago and I’m completely in love with it! It’s refreshing to see a romance that is lovely and not tiring! And can I say that Henry Goldin ( is hot as hell?! LOL The story is about an Asian couple,Continue reading “Crazy Rich Asians”

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is a romantic comedy movie streaming on Netflix and it’s one of the bests movies I’ve ever watched in my entire life! It’s so freaking funny and sweet that I watched it three times so far and I intend to watch it again! The actors are amazing, the plot is amazingContinue reading “Always Be My Maybe”

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! YES! YES! YES! Sorry, I had to get it out of my system! LOL Yesterday, I finally went to the movies and watched Pokemon Detective Pikachu! Guys, the whole movie is so freaking cute that it makes me wanna cry! There are some unexpected plot twists and now, I can’t imagine the movie without them!Continue reading “Pokemon Detective Pikachu”