Gamer + Old iMac = BULLSHIT

Hey, Everyone! As you might know, I love to play games. I’ve been an avid gamer since I was a kid. Lately, I’ve been feeling frustrated as hell because most of my favourites games don’t work on my computer anymore. I have an iMac: iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 12 GB  Graphics: AMDContinue reading “Gamer + Old iMac = BULLSHIT”

The Sims 4 – Expansion Packs

The Sims has definitely been one of my favourite games since I was a teenager. I remember playing The Sims 1 after school, and my Mom would get mad at me because I should be studying instead of playing games. I’m completely addicted to The Sims franchise. I played all the previous versions, The SimsContinue reading “The Sims 4 – Expansion Packs”

Chapters – Interactive Stories

Hey, everyone! How are you doing?Today, I’m going to write about a very special game that I absolutely love! I love it more than I love any other mobile game that I’ve ever played before! Chapters – Interactive Stories is a game where you get to choose your choices in every single story! You canContinue reading “Chapters – Interactive Stories”


Hey, everyone! So, I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but I’m a timid girl! Even though I had acting and singing classes when I was a teenager and made part of the community theatre in my city, I’m very, very shy! And you also know that I love to play games! I’ve been aContinue reading “TwitchTV”

Ghost Love – Hanabi Media

Ghost Love is my second favourite otome game. It was published by Hanabi Media and it’s completely for free! The story is about a girl on her first day at work, where she meets her boss, Vincent. He is very serious and professional, which makes the MC feel a little shy at first. Later, after work, she goesContinue reading “Ghost Love – Hanabi Media”

Love Cuts: Descendants of the Sun

I’ve been reading books and all kinds of stories since I learned how to read and write my very first words. What fascinates me the most about stories is that they make me dream and get away from my real life for a while. The passion of what they are trying to tell to theContinue reading “Love Cuts: Descendants of the Sun”

Choices: Stories You Play (Part Two)

So this is the second part of the post Choices: Stories You Play. The following books are the ones that I think are interesting enough for me to spend a couple of diamonds on. But not interesting enough to be among my favourites and for me to unlock all the special choices and wardrobe. Endless Summer:Continue reading “Choices: Stories You Play (Part Two)”

Choices: Stories You Play (Part One)

One of my favourite hobbies is to play games. I’ve been a gamer since I was twelve years old and I cannot imagine my life without my games. At the moment, I’m not playing many games on my computer because it doesn’t support them anymore. FYI, I have an iMac, and it’s definitely not theContinue reading “Choices: Stories You Play (Part One)”