Kingdom Wreigh – Mikaela and Her Adventures

Hey! Long time, no see, right?! I’m so sorry about my absence. I’ve been crazy busy with my work and my books! I definitely need to find a balance between working, writing my stories and creating posts here! As you may see, I’m terrible at it! LOL I just want to give you a headsContinue reading “Kingdom Wreigh – Mikaela and Her Adventures”

The Flower and The Suit – The Flower

Hey, guys! I have a very special surprise for you! This is the first chapter of the paperback version of The Flower and The Suit! 😉 Feel free to comment! I’m working on the sequel, so I’d love to hear your ideas, suggestions and critics! The Flower and The Suit is available on Amazon andContinue reading “The Flower and The Suit – The Flower”