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Kingdom Wreigh / The Galphienne Mage

I finally finished writing Kingdom Wreigh, the first book of the trilogy Mikaela and Her Adventures.

Mikaela Jinks, a 19-year-old girl, lives in Kingdom Wreigh, the Humans’ Kingdom, with her family.
An atypical girl whose only friends are her brother and her two talking cats, dreams about running away from her house and her ordinary life.
Her fascination with magic and magical creatures doesn’t go unnoticed. Especially when she literally collides face-to-face against the breathtaking and famous Prince, Theodore Spront, whose interest is piqued when he notices that Mikaela doesn’t seem to be affected by his charm, good looks and status. He is the King’s son and future King of Kingdom Wreigh, for White Dragon’s sake!
To make matters more intriguing, Mikaela watches herself changing when she discovers her true identity and unexpectedly gains a new and unusual magical companion, one that can only be seen by her and by her two cats.
What is truly behind her past?
What is going to happen when she finds out who she really is and what she is truly capable of doing?

This is a new adult fantasy, romance and drama fiction with mature content.

It was my first attempt at writing a fantasy book, and I definitely had fun while doing it.

The second book, The Galphienne Mage, is already up on Wattpad, although I’m going to publisg its first chapter in one, or two weeks because I need to finish a couple of different projects first.

Raynnaken Galphienne, or Mikaela Jinks, as she was called whilst growing up at Kingdom Wreigh, is running for her life.
The discovery of new realms and magical creatures that once she believed were eradicated enlightens her shadowy past, murky present and unknown future.
She has two missions in mind: keep herself and the ones that she loves alive and find out about Kingdom Orchidswind, her birth parents’ kingdom.
As a powerful and unstoppable Galghienne Mage, is Mikaela going to choose to be a White Mage or Dark Mage?

This is a new adult fantasy, romance and drama fiction with mature content.

Kingdom Wreigh is by far the most difficult book that I’ve written. It usually took me days to write a single chapter. LOL
But overall, I’m really glad with the final result, and I’m looking foward to writing the sequel.

Have a great week, and please, stay safe.

Rosanna M.I.

Rosanna M.I. View All

I'm a Brazilian crazy cat lady, book lover and gamer who loves to write, listen to music and doesn't know how to cook! All of those plus living in Japan for the last fifteen years. :)
Welcome to my life!

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