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The Sims 4 – Expansion Packs

The Sims has definitely been one of my favourite games since I was a teenager. I remember playing The Sims 1 after school, and my Mom would get mad at me because I should be studying instead of playing games.
I’m completely addicted to The Sims franchise. I played all the previous versions, The Sims 1, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and now, I’m playing The Sims 4. My favourite between them is The Sims 4 (, even though it still doesn’t have many contents as The Sims 3, but it doesn’t freeze or shuts down the gameplay without saving it.

The Sims 3 is way too heavy for my iMac, and I’ve lost count of how many times I lost my savings because the game would freeze and shut down for no apparent reason.

The Sims 4 was released on September 2, 2014, and received a lot of criticism for its lack of contents. Since then, EA has released expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs that make the game much more enjoyable and fun!

In this post, I’m going to talk about the expansion packs! I have all of them so far, and even though they are a little bit expensive, they are worth it!

The Sims 4 Get to Work

It was released on March 31, 2015. It has three new active careers; Detective, Doctor and Scientist, and also allows Sims to own and manage their own retail businesses. The Doctor career is actually very fun! You get to go to the workplace with your Sim and you have to accomplish tasks so your Sim get to be promoted! I highly recommend this expansion pack!

The Sims 4 Get Together

It was released on December 8, 2015. It has a new world, Windenburg, and you can create and/or join clubs! You can also go the nightclubs and dance the whole night away! It’s actually very fun for those who enjoy social interactions! And the new world is very cute! I recommend this expansion pack if you like to spend time with other sims! The clubs gatherings are very fun if you get to spend time with your friends. The interesting thing about the clubs is that you get to choose the traits, the outfit and the pros and cons of your club, turning it much more interesting and defying!

The Sims 4 City Living

It was released November 1, 2016, and it comes with a new world, which includes apartments and penthouses. San Myshuno is a lovely world, and it has the Arts Quarter, the Spicy Market and the Fashion District. Each district hosts festival, like the Spicy Festival and the Romance Festival. This expansion also brings three new careers: Social Media, Politician and Food or Art Critic. City Living is not one of my favourite expansions, but I can’t imagine my game without it!

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

It was released November 10, 2017 and I literally screamed when I first saw the trailer. I had been waiting for this expansion since when The Sims 4 was released, and I must say that it was worth the wait. It comes with a new world, Brindleton Bay, and it introduces the Vet Clinic business. You can also adopt or create pets, such as dogs, cats, raccoons and foxes. The interactions with the pets are so cute and unique that every time that my sims play with their pets, I catch myself smiling from ear to ear. If you are an animal lover, you definitely need this expansion!

The Sims 4 Seasons

It was released on June 22, 2018 and I LOVE this expansion! It comes with weathers, seasons, temperatures, holidays, calendars, new careers and new skills! The gardening career is perfect for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and dealing with plants! Your sims can also create beautiful bouquets, and turn into a a floral designer or a botanist! You can also create and celebrate holidays, such as “Talk Like a Pirate Day” and “Love Day”. The interesting things about the weathers is that each world has a unique weather of their own. Like if it’s winter, Oasis Spring might be covered with snow, but Willow Creek might be hot. The interactions that come with Seasons are amazing! It’s definitely one of my favourite expansions so far and I utterly love it! Each season is unique! My favourite season is the winter, even though it’s freezing and my sim can’t fish because of the frozen rivers! I highly recommend this expansion if you’re looking for an amazing game with The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Get Famous

It was released on November 16, 2018. It comes with a new World, Del Sol Valley, and the acting career. In the gameplay, your sim can earn fame points and become a celebrity, which offers a lot of useful perks. You can also record and edit videos and music, which also gives money and fame points. Even though I love this expansion, I was actually expecting for a lot more than it was initially released. When you reach the top of the acting career, it becomes a little boring and repetitive.

The Sims 4 Island Living

It was released on June 21, 2019 and it’s my favourite expansion so far. It reminds me a lot of The Sims 3: Island Paradise, because it also comes with mermaids and the ability to swim in the sea. Island Living comes with a new world, Sulani, and it’s so freaking beautiful that I don’t get tired of exploring it! It also comes with new career and part-time jobs, such as conservationist, lifeguard, diver and fisherman. In my opinion, the main con about Island Living when compared to Island Paradise, is that Island Living doesn’t freeze and the world works perfectly fine! On Sims 3, it was almost impossible to play Island Paradise without the game freezing or taking minutes and minutes to load the entire place. In fact, I had never seen or played with mermaids on Sims 3 because the graphics are so freaking heavy that my computer doesn’t work it. I got so excited when I watched the trailer of Island Living because I love to see my sims on the beach, swimming and having fun! I definitely recommend this expansion, because it’s the most fun and beautiful so far! I can’t wait to explore the whole world and all the new things that it offers!

Well, these are the expansions that were released so far, and in the next post, I’m going to talk about the game packs! 🙂 As a major The Sims fan, it’s been a pleasure to talk about it! Stay tuned to see more!

Have an amazing Sunday and see you soon with more The Sims!

Rosanna M.I.

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