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Sweet Revenge/ Revenge Note/ 복수노트

Last week, I was watching some clips from Korean Dramas on Youtube (I’m not sure why) and one particular clip called my attention.

Sweet Revenge or Revenge Note is a Korean Drama about a 17-year-old schoolgirl.
Ho Goo-hee is a normal girl that faces her life-changing when she starts studying with Ji-hoon and Jung Deok-hee.
Ji-hoon is a handsome and famous boy. All the girls like him, but he’s indifferent and doesn’t care about his prominent status among the students. He sees himself getting closer to Ho Goo-hee when a series of events happen involving the two of them.

I got so hung up on this particular drama that I ended up buying the DVD through Amazon, since I didn’t find it anywhere on the streams services available here, in Japan.

Friends had always been my favourite series since I was a teenager. But after I finished watching Sweet Revenge, I changed my mind about it, and it became my number one series.
The plot is so cute, innocent even, but regarding serious and important issues about the school, such as bullying, first love and best friends, that it captured my heart and made me fall in love with it.
It got me wondering why I had never watched a Korean Drama before, and I regret not doing it earlier.

Sweet Revenge also has the special guest Cha Eun-woo, one of the members of the band Astro. He plays himself and is friends with Ho Goo-hee and her brother.
The drama was launched on October 27, 2017, and ended on January 5, 2018.
If you like Korean Dramas, love stories, comedy and friendship, I highly recommend Sweet Revenge. The name of the series is based on an app that Ho Goo-hee receives in her cellphone offering services to revenge people that have hurt her.

Even though the DVD wasn’t cheap, I don’t regret buying it at all. I loved the series, and I definitely will watch it again and again! 🙂

Have a great week and see you soon!

Rosanna M.I.

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I'm a Brazilian crazy cat lady, book lover and gamer who loves to write, listen to music and doesn't know how to cook! All of those plus living in Japan for the last fifteen years. :)
Welcome to my life!

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