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Follow Your Dreams!

“The biggest wall you have to climb is the one you build in your mind: Never let your mind talk you out of your dreams, trick you into giving up. Never let your mind become the greatest obstacle to success. To get your mind on the right track, the rest will follow.” 

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

When I decided to follow my dreams and become a full-time writer and author, I knew that things wouldn’t be easy. Leaving a job where I was sure that I was going to receive full payment at the end of the month was the most challenging part. Fears of failure are evident and strong. But I’m blessed, and I have lots of people in my life who believes in me and believes in my passion. I took a lot of time to start believing in myself, to start thinking that I actually could be a writer and live the rest of my life doing what I love the most: creating stories and writing. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, I’m just starting, and I have a long way ahead of me. But I’m working for that, and I will never give up until I reach my goal.

One of the people who inspired me the most to follow my dreams is a friend of mine. Her name is Paula Taira, and she is a personal trainer today. But before, she used to work with me inside a factory, doing the same job every day, working exclusively for the money.

I’ve always admired her because she is not afraid of anything, and she is always centred. She knows what she wants, and she works for it.
I started following her progress as a personal trainer and fitness competitor through her page on facebook (, and I thought it was amazing how she was working towards her goal.

Living in a foreign country is already hard enough. Trying to balance the work-life, with family life plus studying is something that a lot of people can’t handle or don’t want to. But my friend made it all.

I talked to her about how she decided to follow her dreams despite the cons, and she told me that everything started when she was talking to her friends inside the factory she was working. They asked her what she would like to do, and she said that she would like to work with fitness, with gyms. Then, one of her friends told her about a woman who was giving classes about how to become a personal trainer, and she immediately called her.

She started taking classes during the weekdays while working on the nikoutai shift.

二交替 (にこうたい): day and night shift work schedule
Yes, my friend is amazing! I worked for one year on this crazy shift, and my health went downhill.

Anyway, after one year studying and working hard, she finally had her diploma and became a personal trainer in a famous Brazilian gym ( in Okazaki-shi. She is also a competitor in fitness events, and she is happy as hell!

She told me that it was her most significant accomplishment because she had always been a little chubby when she was a kid, and she always wanted to be slimmer.
She told me that she was never afraid of not achieving her goal. She never stopped dreaming, and she did what she had to do! She doesn’t regret anything, and she thinks that everybody should give a shot at following their dreams!
I’m proud of being her friend and seeing her fighting for dreams inspired me to fight for my own goals!

Paula Taira
Paula and Michelle Mitie
Paula Taira and Gesica Braz

So that’s it, guys! Fight for what you want and for who you want to be!
Nothing comes easily, but hey, I guarantee that it’s definitely worth it! 😉

I just want to make clear that there is nothing wrong about being overweight or too slim. You’ve got to be happy with your own body and your own mind. Everybody is beautiful, no matter the size, height, colour of skin, sexuality choice, weight! Be happy with who you are, and if you feel like you need to change, then change! But don’t let the outside world tell you what to do or not do to! 😉

Rosanna M.I.

Rosanna M.I. View All

I'm a Brazilian crazy cat lady, book lover and gamer who loves to write, listen to music and doesn't know how to cook! All of those plus living in Japan for the last fifteen years. :)
Welcome to my life!

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  1. Oh Mayumi… Fiquei muito feliz e emocionada com esta publicação!!
    Saber que de alguma forma eu pude te inspirar é muito gratificante e me motiva cada vez mais , desejo muito mais sucesso ,como você disse: não estou onde quero ainda !! Mas segue em frente pois tenho certeza que Deus tem preparado muito mais do que você pensa !! Beijo no coração ❣


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