The Flower and The Suit

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Hey, guys! I have great news! My ebook, The Flower and The Suit is now available on Amazon, Apple BooksRakuten Kobo and Barnes & Noble ! And don’t worry if you can’t buy through US Amazon! It is also available on Amazon UK , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , Amazon NL , Amazon JP , Amazon BR , Amazon CA , Amazon MX , Amazon AU , Amazon IN .
I would like to thank germancreative roxanam84  , tlmason and russ41burg  from Fiverr ! I also would like to thank Carlos Henrique!

This is a dream coming true! This is really happening, guys! If you happen to buy the ebook, please, feel free to leave a comment, a review, a criticism, an idea, a suggestion, anything on the page! 

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It took me three years to write and publish this book, and I’m so freaking happy to share Sakura’s story with everybody! I’m already working on the sequel, so stay tuned for what’s coming next! πŸ˜‰

“Sakura Ando lives a mundane life as a factory worker at a company in Nagoya, Japan. With distant and uncaring parents she seldom sees, life for the pretty, but insecure 24-year-old doesn’t hold much in the way of excitement.

That changes when she encounters the funny and outgoing Enzo. The proprietor of his own flower shop, Enzo sees Sakura sitting on a park bench and immediately falls for her beauty, gifting her a bouquet of red tulips.

But before anything can happen between Sakura and Enzo she meets the enigmatic Gaku Fukami at a workplace party and is smitten by the handsome and brooding man, not realizing that he is in fact the CEO of the company, and her boss.

Just as their relationship starts to develop and Sakura begins to understand the man behind the lurid tabloid stories, she is left heartbroken when Gaku leaves for a business trip and in her despair she turns to Enzo for comfort.

But is Enzo really the man for Sakura or is she just using him to help ease the pain of losing Gaku? And will Gaku eventually realize that there are more important things in life than fame and money?”

The paperback version is almost ready to be sold! πŸ™‚
Thank you so much for your support!
Have an amazing week and see you soon!

Rosanna M.I.

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