Ghost Love – Hanabi Media

Ghost Love is my second favourite otome game. It was published by Hanabi Media and it’s completely for free!
The story is about a girl on her first day at work, where she meets her boss, Vincent. He is very serious and professional, which makes the MC feel a little shy at first. Later, after work, she goes to the cemetery where her best friend, Kyle, is buried. He had died five years ago when they were in high school. He was hit by a car when he was trying to chase the MC and she blames herself for that. She had never told him about her true feelings, and she feels her heart heavy with sorrow. On her way back to her house, she meets a black cat, and soon she realizes is a special cat.
She wakes up the following morning with Kyle talking to her, and she thinks that she’s still dreaming. But Kyle is really there with her, but he is still a ghost. From there, the story unrolls in the cutest way possible. Kyle follows the MC to her work, and she starts developing a beautiful friendship with her boss. There are certain moments where the MC has to choose between Kyle and Vicent, and that’s up to the reader and player. The end is so, so beautiful that I literally cried. I played it with my heart beating faster, because I was so freaking curious to know what was going to happen next! It’s a shame that there is only one book of this story, but I can’t complain because the end was perfect! I couldn’t have imagined a better version of it!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find who is the author of the story! But whoever this person might be, congratulations, because it’s one of the bests stories I’ve ever read! Thank you for writing it!


I don’t want to spoil anything, but guess who makes a cameo appearance in the middle of the story?


My sweet, sweet Daniel!

So, this is it! I definitely recommend the game! Oh, and I chose Kyle! πŸ˜‰ Vicent is very cute and interesting, but Kyle is Kyle! LOL
I wish you all a great week and a great otome story!

Rosanna M.I.

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