“And then, to cap things off, I got wicked cramps and my period started… I guess my body decided that since I already felt crappy, why not throw some nice uterus-agony on top of everything?” 
― Mimi Strong, Blind Date Teddy Bear

I am one of those women who have periods and suffer like hell. I feel a lot of pain, nausea and I bleed half of my body out. It has been like this for me since my first period when I was twelve and it hasn’t changed. My period is long and painful, very painful.
“How do you survive it every single month”, you might ask me. Well, I take a lot of medicine, and I use a sheet that heats my belly that helps to stimulate my blood circulation and eases the pain.

The medicine that I take is Bufferin Luna (バファリンルナi) and it works great for me!


And the sheet is 蒸気の温熱シート (Steam Thermal Sheet) and I don’t live without it when I’m in a lot of pain!


You can find both of them at any pharmacy and they are not that expensive, especially the sheet! I highly recommend both of them if you have the same problems that I do! And of course, chocolate, hot tea, a blanket and Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime binge-watch also help a lot! 😉
If you know any other medicine and method to ease the period’s symptoms, please tell me! Leave a comment below, ok?!
Anyway, have a great Friday and stay strong, girls!

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

 By the way, this is my anthem when I’m on my period. LOL

Rosanna M.I.

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