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I Moved to Ibaraki-ken

“Sometimes in life you just have to take a leap of faith.” 
― Abby Clements, Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream

Hey, there! Long time no see! I’m aware I’ve been away for quite some time now and I must apologize for that! A couple of weeks ago, I moved from Aichi-ken to Ibaraki-ken and I had to endure days without the internet. Yes, I thought that I was going to die! LOL  Actually, I’m just kidding. I did miss the internet, but I survived! Anyway, I’m still getting used to the new city, which, by the way, I am loving! It is extremely beautiful and peaceful! The people here are so polite and nice! I still didn’t have time to visit and know everything around here, but I intend to do it as soon as possible! It’s time to start living the dream! 🙂 I can’t wait to share everything with you, guys! Stay tuned!

And can I just say that I’m obsessed with this song?

Have a great Sunday and see you soon!

Rosanna M.I.

Rosanna M.I. View All

I'm a Brazilian crazy cat lady, book lover and gamer who loves to write, listen to music and doesn't know how to cook! All of those plus living in Japan for the last fifteen years. :)
Welcome to my life!

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