The Flower and the Suit

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
Carl Sagan

Three years ago, I was a mess. Mentally and physically. I was in deep depression, battling against eating disorders and against myself. Nobody knew (until now) about my struggling, because I could put a smile on my face and go to work, pretending like nothing was happening. When I was at my worst, I finally talked to my sister and asked for help. She told me to do something that I enjoyed, like writing. I remember her exact words: “you used to write a lot of poems and stories since you were a child. Why did you stop?” Yes, that’s true. When I was like ten years old, I started writing poems and stories about my feelings. I stopped writing for a while, and I don’t remember why. But my sister insisted on me writing again because she knew how good it would be for me. So I decided to write a book, but I didn’t know which genre I wanted to work with.

As you know, I’m a crazy gamer, and I love to read books. I found two fantastic games on my cell phone that combined my two main passions. They are games with different stories, and you have options to choose which path you want to go through, like which character inside the story you want to date with. I completely fell in love with them. I loved the style of the games, and the particular genre otome called my attention. Otome is a love story where the main character needs to choose between two different love interests. When I caught myself thinking about the games for the whole time, I knew I wanted to write an otome story, and that’s how The Flower and the Suit started coming to life. It’s been almost two years since I first started writing the first chapter, and I’m still working at the last chapters, because as I’m publishing the chapters on Wattpad, I always find something to change or add. It took me a lot of time to create the main characters and to be honest, when I started writing, I thought that I couldn’t do it. I didn’t believe that I was actually going to finish it. But this book saved my life. Sakura, Enzo, and Gaku were inside my mind all the time, and a couple of months later, I caught myself looking forward to arriving home from work so I could continue writing about them. And that’s how my depression lost space in my life. I started feeling better and happier. Before writing my book, I felt like garbage because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life. But now I know that I want to be a writer. I want to write stories that will make people dream and smile. Stories that will make people close their eyes and imagine themselves inside of them. I want to make the world go through all kind of emotions with my characters. The Flower and the Suit is my most significant accomplishment so far and I’m incredibly proud of it. It’s far from perfect, but the love story between the three characters make me fly, and I’m having a lot of fun creating it. The Flower and the Suit, it saved my life, my heart, and my mind.

P.S. I just wanna thank my sister for lighting my way when I was in the dark.

Wattpad: The Flower and the Suit, by Rosanna M.I.

Games: Choices: Stories You Play, by Pixelberry

Otome Game: Ghost Love Story, by Hanabi Media

The Flower and the suit cover 1

Rosanna M.I.

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